About Us

Ageing Awareness was born in 2017, when Dr. Rosaria Buccoliero observed the behaviour of a group of children on the street. As an elderly person with a walking stick was passing near them, their lack of awareness and care resulted in them knocking the walking stick to the ground, putting the elderly person at risk of falling. This event inspired Dr. Buccoliero to create Project C.A.R.E. (Compassion, Appreciation, Respect, Empathy) for primary school children that would demonstrate to them the challenges of ageing, so that they might gain a better appreciation of the elderly.

After successful workshops in seven local primary schools, and with more than twenty individual classes, the Project C.A.R.E. ground to a halt during the pandemic. However, we have returned with a desire to spread the message even wider, making this project available to charities and schools around the world.

To help with this, we freely provide instructions and presentations that schools and organizations can use in their own efforts and we are working with charities to become community hubs for this and other projects. We also provide information and links for either creating our purchasing resources for any group who would like to create their own hub. Our aim is for local Dementia, Alheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other age-related organizations to partner with their local schools to supply resources and guest as needed.

If you find our projects helpful we would appreciate any support you can give. Spreading the word to your local schools is ideal. If you’d like to help out financially, donations will be used to help provide resources, such as booklets and materials, to organizations and schools around the world.

Children are our path to the future, while the elderly are our connection to the past. It’s vital to build a strong bridge between the two for a healthy society.